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About Me


I am a doctoral candidate in the Whitehead Lab at Dalhousie University. My research focuses on the decision-making processes and synchrony for a population of long-finned pilot whales (Globicephala melas) that summer off the northwestern coast of Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada.


After completely an undergraduate degree in biology at Trinity Western University in British Columbia, I moved over to the other side of Canada to continue on with post-graduate studies. My master's research was also conducted in the Whitehead Lab at Dalhousie and focused on exploring the vocal repertoire and its relationship to social structure in this same population of pilot whales.


Part of my role as a graduate student involves managing the Cape Breton Pilot Whale Project, which you can learn more about on the following pages. When I'm not busy in the lab or the field, I'm often out on Nova Scotia's beaches helping to document and collect dead cetaceans for the Marine Animal Response Society




Research Interests 

My research interests lie in bioacoustics, social structure, and intraspecific behavioural variance in cetaceans. An important aspect of the work I do involves working with the communities around Cape Breton, to further public education and outreach. My goal is to connect the research I conduct to conservation applications.

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